This week I will show you which effects you can achieve by slightly bending your elbows which results in a lower head position and small cross section. My test Setup (bike, clothes, helmet) this week was identical to last week. I repeated the drop bar position with straight arms to establish a reliable value for comparing the three adapted positions with the best Setup from my first test.

These were my Setups this week:
Setup 1: Drop bars – straight arms
Setup 2: Upper handlebars – bend arms
Setup 3: Hoods – bend arms
Setup 4: Drop bars – bend arms

My expectation was that all three new setups would be faster than the respective setups from last week, the only question was how much faster.

While Setup 2 was slower than the initial Setup both Setups 3 and 4 were faster. Keeping all perimeters the same I managed to save 1:45 min with my hands on the hoods (Setup 3), which was also my preferred position, and 6:03 min with the identical position, arms bend (Setup 4). Talking in Watts that is a gain of 12 Watts between the two Setups (1 and 4) and still a rough 4 Watt advantage for Setup 3 compared to Setup 1.

The Setup with the upper handlebars (Setup 2) was 5:39 min slower than Setup 1. Compared to last week I still saved 15 Watts on the same position on the bars just by bending my arms.

Here is the link to my test.

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