This will be my second to last Blog. After 9 different tests I really got fond of the Aerotune method and with this one I just wanted to see what is possible. So I borrowed a pair of bike shoes from a friend and tested these two different shoes against each other, just to see what the measurement method is capable of. Additionally I tested a pair calf compression socks.

The pictures can be seen in my testsuite on, follow the link below.

It was a windy day and I tried to be as stable as possible in my test to cause as little position interference as possible.

Setup 1 was my pair of shoes, Setup 2 the borrowed pair of shoes and Setup 3 my pair of shoes with calf compression socks. Between the two different types of shoes I measured approximately 20 Watts difference and 7 Watts difference between no socks and socks.

I know the number seems a little high between the different pair of shoes, so maybe this might be something to scientifically look further into.

Here’s the link to my testsuite:

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