In today’s post we will take another look at your TT bike cockpit. In the second part of the afasteryou series (extension width)  we already discussed the width of your aerobar extensions. In this test we will examine with our two testperson the effects of the width of your armpads. The important criteria is the time differences which we have received as results. For our test we used a Cannondale Slice (female, 165cm, 58kg) and a Focus Izalco Chrono Max (male, 188cm, 73kg), however this time at two different locations and with two non comparable clothing choices. The baseline setup for the focus was the fastest setup from part 2 of the afasteryou series. Our calculations were based on Challenge Roth with 240w.

In the table below you can see our results.

armpads width

The second setup with the Focus shows a large time loss, which is the result, that at that position our testperson was not able to put his head in a tucked in position. Setups 3, 4 and 5 support the trend, that a smaller frontal area results in better aerodynamics. Due to the Pro Missile handlebars on the Cannondale Slice we only tested the widest and tightest position of the armpads. Even though our athlete was slightly faster with the tighter setup, she felt personally more comfortable in a wider setup.

Here the pictures of the armpad positions.

Your take away: A smaller frontal area shows in 80% better aerodynamic values, as long as you are able to maintain a good body position. Even though we only had minimal savings here, if we combine that with all the changes we have done in the cockpit (extension angles, extension width, stem, hand positions and armpad positions) we have reached time savings of over 15 minutes if we compare the worst and best setups. So get on your bike and go out and test with our aeroTEST, now also available with our Garmin App. Be smart, stay AERO!!!!