Today we will resume our Blog Series after we took a small break in order to prepare the release of our platform. In this post we will show you the influence the distance between the aerobars has on your aerodynamic drag. As our baseline setup we took the fastest setup of the first test (aerobars at 0 degrees) and used our aeroTEST to look at the windresistance at 10, 8 and 6 cm width, with 10 cm being the widest and 6 cm the most narrow position possible on our test bike. In this test we did three testruns of each setup and took the mean CdA of each position.

In the table below you can see the time savings on 180 km.

time savings

Due to our experience we were expecting the most narrow position to be the fastest and were surprised by the fact that it was the slowest. In any case we are going to repeat this test with a different stem and 2 cm raised aerobars to decrease the surface where the wind is broken by the bike.

Below the pictures of each setup.

As always these values only show a tendency by our testperson and can be totally different in your specific case. Therefore, sign up to our platform at and test these positions yourself with our aerotest. Be smart, stay aero!