This week we are going to take a look at different versions of suits and if the theory the longer the sleeve the faster the suit is really true or just a myth. Just to show you an example we took two different brands and compared two different versions of the same model against each other. If you want to know how other suits tested performed against each other, join up as a premium member on our aeroDATA, since this will be one of the next premium features in the following weeks.


First we took a look at a two piece suit versus a trisuit. In the pictures below you can see that in our test with our specific test person the two piece suit was 4:53 min slower on a course like Challenge Roth with 240w


Our second test was a sleeveless Trisuit compared to the same model with short sleeves. Calculated for Challenge Roth as well with 240w the advantage for the short sleeve model was 5:07 min.

Our last test was the most interesting one, looking at a short sleeve model and a longsleeve model. With this specific model our result surprised with the short sleeve model beating the longsleeve by 2 min.


Of course this test was specific to those two brands and the testperson and should not be seen as a general guideline, but it sure is interesting to see how a simple test can save you valuable time.

Here’s the short summary.


Have fun testing and stay aero!!!