In this weeks post we want to take a look at the difference between a standard wheelset and a more aerodynamic wheelset. To show you this we took a standard wheelset from Swiss Side, which is not being build anymore, and a 58mm deep aerowheelset from Zipp. We don’t want to put too much emphasis on the manufactures, since both are very good wheelsets in their respective categories. We took the semi-deep wheelset, because this is also interesting for roadcyclists.

We performed our aeroTEST again with two different riders (male, 188cm and female, 165cm ) on two different bikes (Focus Izalco Chrono Max and Cannondale Slice). Used Tyres and Tubes were identical.For the calculation we took Challenge Roth, since every user of our aeroDATA platform can use this route on aeroCAST, with 240w as a baseline.

As expected the more aerodynamic wheelset performed better (male test person time bonus 3:34min and female test person time bonus 4:22 min), but looking at the time savings and the money you have to put down to own this set, it is a larger investment per minute than investing in an aerohelmet or suit which suits you.

Below one more time pictures of the sets used.

So, go out and test your training and race sets and find out, how your race and training setups differ wheelset wise. Stay aero and keep testing.