Rumor has it that a wheelset which performs good in one bike will also perform good in another one. So we took a deeper look into this question this week. We took two comparable 80mm wheelsets with which we had good experiences and tested them in two different frames to find out if they would perform in the same manner with different riders and frames. We used a set of Zipp 808 NSWs and from the Norwegian brand Unaas a set of 80 LTDs.

We tested both sets with Chrissie and Dennis and found out that both sets differ with roughly 1 min on 180km and exactly in the opposite manner, meaning the set which was fastest with Chrissie, was a little bit slower with Dennis.

So what does this mean for you. Yes, a good wheelset will perform good, but even amongĀ  the good wheelsets there are individual differences which you can only find out through a test.

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