The feedback of over 5000 aeroTESTs during the last six months, many of them conducted with our aeroAPP, have resulted in quite a bit development work; all with the goal to make the app experience even better for you. We have incorporated a lot of feedback and ideas of users. We are very happy with the results and would like to present the aeroAPP version 1.0.0 to you! So exciting; with a new design and many new features as listed below:

• Saving of aeroTESTs of the same setup as only one fit-file
• Changing of aeroCAST route and power
• Calculation of needed power to receive specified speed
• Show aeroTEST over mobile phone
• Mobile help webpage
• Basic and advanced modus
• Show CdA values in aeroPOINTs or m²
• Show absolute or difference values between the tests
• Selection of bike type
• Bugfix for powermeters
• Bugfix for Android 7
• Minor bug fixing and view adjustment

With the bug fixes for powermeters and Android 7 we have done a huge step towards giving a greater audience of the #aeroCOMMUNITY access to using the aeroAPP. And the best thing: now, you can change the settings for your aeroCAST power and route directly within the aeroAPP, which means you don’t have to log in to the aeroDATA to do adjustments. There are so many new features, we hope you will be as excited as we are. And everything in a new, clearer and better overview design. All to make using the app an even better aeroEXPERIENCE for you!

Have a look at the new design straight away, download the app for free and start testing.


Very important for everyone. Older versions of the aeroAPP are no longer compatible with the aeroDATA platform. So please update the aeroAPP!

Thank you for being part of our aeroCOMMUNITY. We are here to make you a #afasteryou.