It’s time … from now on it is even easier for you to conduct aerodynamic tests: our aeroAPP is now available for download in the Garmin Connect IQ Store.

You only need to load the app on your corresponding Garmin device, log in with your aeroDATA Premium account and then you’re ready to go.

The app guides you through the aeroTEST procedure, starts and stops automatically the single test runs for you, creates the appropriate FIT files and sends them directly to the platform, providing you’ve got a Bluetooth connection. Get your CdA value displayed right on your Garmin device in no time and compare even faster and more up-to-date equipment, seating positions and more. In case of no Bluetooth connection, don’t worry, the app will save the files on your Garmin and send them as soon as Bluetooth connects.

You would like to try it out? Then download the app right here.

It’s time to speed up.