Today we would like to have a look at a special project by a great personality which we had the opportunity to support in the last year. Tommy Aleksandersen, a creative Norwegian Agegrouper and active member in our #aerocommunity, had this great idea to design his personal hydration system. Last year Tommy came to us with the feeling that the integrated hydration system on his Canyon Speedmax was slowing him down and giving him instability. So he tested various options and using our aeroTEST proved him right. Being the creative person Tommy tried to find a hydration system which would give him an aerodynamic advantage and allow him to be as self-sufficient with hydration and nutrition as possible. He took a travel back in the year before and created a 1,3 l Aerobottle which is tucked in completely between his arms. Tommy used one standard 750ml Bottle and a Profile Design Torpedo.

Tommy’s creativeness and his knowledge about aerodynamics have been part of his success this year in racing Ironman 70.3 Races with winning the Ironman 70.3 Italy in June and becoming the Ironman 70.3 Agegroup 40-44 World Champion last weekend in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Here you can have a closer look on his aerobottle project.

Congratulations Tommy and your successful year, looking forward to what interesting projects you will be working on with us in the near future.