At Aerotune, we do not just want to help you work on your own individual aerodynamics – we want you to become part of the AeroCommunity and to get faster and faster together.

High up in the north of Germany, many of our local athletes look forward to the coming weekend; when they return to the demanding tracks of the Ostseeman in Gl├╝cksburg. The weather conditions are optimal and with a “strong breeze” the topic of aerodynamics is twice as interesting for great bike splits.

Therefore, we asked the local AeroCommunity to come together to put the finishing touches on. Many aeroDATA users followed our call and we were able to work out quite a few more minutes for Sunday. We were especially glad to see how you supported each other, gave advice and exchanged many tips for becoming #afasteryou. That’s what we call community – keep the spirit up.

We wish all our athletes for the competition a wind, which hardly opposes you, strong legs and a lot of joy on the bike course.

Are you going to be there too? Then come and visit us at our booth at the Expo Areal in the Kurpark – we will certainly have one or two tips for you.

We are on site Friday from 12:00 to 19:00 and Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00.

We look forward to a great race and to see how the Nordic AeroCommunity will perform greatly on their bikes.