You are starting at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii? Congratulations. Especially for you, we are offering an exclusive aeroDAY in preparation for your race.

With better aerodynamic performance, you can improve your racing time quickly and easily. On the actual aeroDAY, you have the opportunity to test your equipment (various helmets, suits, etc); including your handlebar position. The tests will indicate your fastest setup for the Hawaii route and by knowing it, you will be even faster.

Frank Wechsel, publisher of the magazine „Triathlon –Insider.Coach.Expert“ will also be there.

To take part, please register by mail:

Test site: Hetlingen (

Date: 16.09.2017 (If many athletes sign up, we will also conduct tests the day after, on 17 September 2017).

Time: 09:00 to 13:00 o´clock (block 1) and 14:00 to 18:00 o´clock (block 2).

Duration: app. 4 hours

Athletes: Anyone who has qualified for the Ironman World Championship Hawaii

Test: Your own equipment as well as positional changes on the handlebars.

Cost: €99. Please note that a prognosis for your finishing time in the Ironman is included in that price.