Today we dedicate ourselves to the female pros of Kona; looking at their equipment, different water bottle systems and aerodynamic seating positions.


Here again, the link to some good pictures:


Daniela Ryf, on a Felt IA: Danielas bottle on the saddle was slightly elevated, which leads to an aerodynamic disadvantage in 4 of 5 cases during our aeroTESTs. An aero bottle was installed in the frame triangle of her Felt, which usually affects aerodynamics neutrally. Daniela has a perfect finish of her aero helmet with her upper body. In the combination with her aero helmet, she used a normal pair of sunglasses instead of a visor. A bendable straw could have brought an aerodynamic advantage.


Sarah Crowley, on a Canyon Speedmax: She wore a Rudy Project Wing 57 helmet which flawlessly connected with her upper body. We have been seeing in our aeroTESTs that a lower head position has a positive effect on the wind resistence value. Similar to Daniela, Sarah’s bottle behind her saddle was a little high.


Anja Beranek, on a Kuota KTZero5: Unfortunately, it wasn’t Anja’s day as can be seen on her face. In our last blog before Kona, we had already written about her position. Anja was aerodynamically fully optimized and we are sure that she will attack again next year.


Kaisa Sali, on a Felt IA: Kaisa‚Äôs IA was similar to Daniela’s but didn’t have an aero bottle attached to the frame. The rear bottle behind her saddle was positioned slightly lower. Kaisa also had a Rudy Project Wing 57 with visor. It fitted well, though a little high through her head position.


Heather Jackson, on a Cannondale Slice Hi-Mod: Heather used two standard bottles in her frame to be sufficiently hydrated. Positioning these behind the aerodynamic shadow behind her body could have resulted in a lower CdA. An additional improvement could have been a flexible straw for her front bottle. Her head position was sligthly high. She was also wearing a Rudy Project Wing 57 but without the visor to improve the already good ventilation of the helmet.


Michelle Vesterby, on a Cannondale Slice Hi-Mod: Michelle had the new Kask aero helmet. We noticed a similar steep position of her aerobars as with Antony Costes at IRONMAN Barcelona. We will carry out some testing in the next weeks and inform you about our the results and knowledge gains. Michelle’s aero bottle on her aerobars was positioned very low.


Sarah Cheetham, on a Cervelo P5x: Sarah had a short Ekoi TT2 helmet and held her head very low, which in 4 out of 5 cases improves aerodynamics. Her arm position was relatively narrow which we found out to be aerodynamically positiv for 4 out of 5 of our athletes.


Michaela Herlbauer as an Austrian rode on the new Airstreem: Michaela opted against the positioning of bottles on her saddle and used an aero and a standard bottle within her frame. Her front aero bottle was positioned very high.


Linsey Corbin, on a Trek Speedconcept: Linsey decided against aero bottles in her frame triangle and between her aero bars. She used an aero road bike helmet to receive a better ventilation, however her head position was quite high.


Leanda Cave, on a Ventum: Leanda is one of the tallest athletes. We noticed that she was using a helmet without a visor. A slightly better head position could have improved her aerodynamics.