Kona 2017 – In our last blog we have already shared a few thoughts about the material and seating positions of some professional triathletes at the IRONMAN World Championship. Today, a few more of the male pros follow before we take a look at the female athletes tomorrow.


Pictures of the athletes and their bikes can be found on www.tririg.com.


Braden Currie, on a Specialized Shiv: We noticed that his head position was a bit upwards and his aero bars were mounted at a slightly negative angle.


Josh Amberger, on a FELT IA: Also at his, the head position was somewhat lifted. Instead of an aerodynamically neutral aero bottle holder a standard bottle holder was attached in the frame triangle.


Terenzo Bozzone, on Argon 18: In 4 out of 5 aeroTESTs that we have carried out, a good overpass between the helmet with the upper body leads to a better CdA value. Likewise, positioning a bottle below the saddle or using an aero bottle at the position is beneficial.


Tim Reed, on a Trek Speedconcept: He opted for the better ventilation of an aero road helmet and mounted a bottle on the top tube. His upper body, compared to the arm angle, is also well above 90 degrees.


Nils Frommhold, on a Canyon Speedmax: We noticed that he has also opted for the better ventilation of an aero road helmet. Unfortunately, his head position was very high.