Konstantin Bachor -“Konsti” is known in the Triathlon community for his strength on the bike. A large number of Top Ten finishes on various courses around the world supports his outstanding achievements. Konsti has been working with Fritz Buchstaller for quite some years and therefore it was just logical for us to get to know him better and start working with him in 2017. In the last couple of days we worked together to prepare the 2018 season and evaluated equipment and position and gained a couple of minutes. To be honest, it was Konsti who pushed forward to put everything upside down like in a thorough medical check.

Our day started with something unusual which was shown in the aeroTEST. So we started looking at and examining Konsti’s bike and found the root of the problem in a technical issue. This resulted even for a pro athlete in a time loss of 15 minutes. „I have asked myself a couple of times why in some occasions I am pushing 280w and still being passed by other athletes.“ The issue was solved quickly and we were able to kick off.

We started with some different types of wheels and tested various combinations. Our result was saving 6 minutes and to our astonishment with the combination of two different manufacturers. We continued with helmets, suits and small variations in the cockpit area and handpositions. In the end we found more than 8 minutes, and that for a professional athlete.


At the end of the day we tested almost 7 hours with Konsti. Everything very thourough and to the smallest detail! But that’s just how Konsti is, interested and goal oriented. To sum it up, we found more than 8 minutes and Konsti did more than 35 test runs, summing up to more than 70km at race pace, combining an aeroTEST and a quality training session in one. Citing him, „an awesome day“.

Konstantin Bachor

Konsti, the team from AEROTUNE wishes you all the best and full power to the pedals for Ironman Hamburg this year. We support you!