After looking at the the advantages of an aerodynamic wheel last week, our focus this week will be on combining different wheel depths and see what effect this has on cycling. Our experience shows, that not always the best option is to have front and back from the same manufacturer, but for our goal to show you the difference we decided to stay with one brand. We tested the four combinations, 58mm front and back, 58mm front and 80mm back, 80mm front and back and last 80mm front and a disc wheel. As in the last weeks we tested with a male (188cm, 73kg) and a female (165cm, 58kg). This is important, because the results of our tests are linked to the different statues of the riders. Time Savings are as always calculated on Challenge Roth with 240w.

Here are our findings.
As you can see, while adding more depth makes our male rider faster, our female rider had to fight against the side wind with the deeper front wheel, which resulted in a less stable position and a time loss. The disc wheel in both cases was the fastest option.
Below, one more time the pictures of the different setups.

So go out, test for yourself what makes the difference for you. Stay aero!