This week we wanted to go into the subject weight and aerodynamics of wheels. We took a look at three 50-60mm wheelsets in the upper price segment and tested their aerodynamic performance. Important for you and especially with this results of this test it is an important issue for us, that aerodynamics is always something very individual to the system rider and bike. There will always be tendencies, but if something performs well in four out of five cases, there is still one case where it does not perform that good and vice versa, meaning, if something turns out to be bad, there is always that one case where it performs extremely well. This is our experience out of more than 2000 aeroTESTs.


We asked ourselves, if a good wheelset will always perform equally good or if there are also differences. In today’s test we used a Zipp 404, Enve SES and a Lightweight Meilenstein set and our results showed a difference of 12 and 11 min betweens the fastest and slowest wheelset with our two testpersons. Surprisingly, but the numbers speak for themselves. Even though we found the same tendencies among our two testers, the single results where slightly different.

If you want to know more about the tests unlock your aerodynamics on our aeroDATA and follow the results with our new Timeline function.


Stay aero!