In today’s test we take a look at some alternatives for colder temperatures or bad weather. Our basic setup was similar in all tests, we just alternated the upper body clothing. We tested a speedsuit in combination with a windbreaker/rainjacket, a longsleeved bikejersey (winter and summer material), a longsleeved compression shirt, armwarmers and finally without any additional clothing. The baseline for our calculations was once again Challenge Roth with 240w and additionally an Olympic Distance Race with 240w. This week we performed our tests only with one person.

In the table below you can see our results.

bad weather

And here you can see the pictures of every setup.

The decision for an additional piece of clothing is something very individual, however we found that a windbreaker/rainjacket, even though easily storable, costs a lot of valuable time. With the longsleeved bikejersey there was not that much difference between the winter and summer model, which became even less with the shorter course. Our test showed that the best alternative is a longsleeve compression shirt or armwarmers which cost minimal more than the speedsuit on its own. For races like the Norseman these two are very good alternatives. Should your first race require you to think about additional clothing, remember this post, regardless if you are a cyclist, timetrial rider, duathlete, triathlete or mountainbiker. Be smart, stay aero and do not forget, testing with our aeroTEST makes you afasteryou!