Last week, we met Frank Wechsel, publisher, and Daniel Eilers, editor, of Germany’s largest triathlon magazine “triathlon – Insider. Coach. Experte.” as well as Kevin Mackinnon, chief editor of ““, to present the test procedure of our aeroTEST.

Outside of Hamburg, we carried out various tests in best weather conditions and tested different equipment as well as small changes especially in the head position.

With our aeroTEST, we determine the individual cda value (wind resistance) of a cyclist and his bike. Through the aeroCAST we give a prediction of the presumably cycling time in a defined competition. Thus, the notional value of the cda is made transparent by means of a time specification.

Do you want to know more? Then take a look at the interview of Frank Wechsel with our CEO Sebastian Schluricke.

For Frank, Daniel and Kevin, we have made a forecast with regard to the bike course of the Ironman Hamburg.

Frank was able to achieve an improvement of his cda from 0.237 m2 (aeroSCORE 23.7) to 0.225 m2 (aeroSCORE 22.5). This corresponds to a temporal improvement of 4.33 min.

Daniel has improved his cda from 0.241 m2 (aeroSCORE 24.1) to 0.228 m2 (aeroSCORE 22.8) and thus achieves a temporal improvement of 4.41 min.

Kevin has started with a cda of 0.317 m2 (aeroSCORE 31.7) and in the end reached a value of 0.278 m2 (aeroSCORE 27.8). This corresponds to the greatest temporal improvement of almost 12 min.