The topic of bottles and positioning of these is something we all have to think about. In the next two posts we would like to show you some easy tricks, how you can easily gain a couple of minutes. Of course, our aeroTEST gives you the possibility to be a little more creative and experiment with some other options. This week we will show you which effect bottles inside your frame have. This applies to all types of bicycles. To show you this, we have used two different bikes and have tested the setups with no bottle, one standard bottle and one aero bottle. The two frames we used limited us to install the bottles on the Focus only on the bottom tube and with the Cannondale only on the seat tube.

In the table below you can see our results. For the calculations we used for both bikes Challenge Roth with 240w.

aeroTEST bottle

There were no to minimal differences between Setup 1 and Setup 2, with a small disadvantage for the Setup with a standard bottle. The installation of the aero bottle however always turned out to be a positive effect. Of course, it is difficult to refill or exchange this bottle, but next week we will show you, how to complement this with additional setups to be able to have enough hydration on longer distances.

Here you can see the pictures of each setup. Since the one’s with no bottles were similar, we decided just to show one picture.

Your results with your frame can differ of course. If your frame allows you to use two bottle, then you can just try different combinations with our aeroTEST and see what is the best setup for you. With our Subscription model you can test as much as you like. Stay Aero!!!!