Last week we took a look at bottles and placing them on your frame. Today we would like to show you which effect alternative bottle positions have on your bike split. We are just looking at some possibilities and you can use our aeroTEST combined with your own creativity to try out and experiment various positions. Today’s topic fits a little more to triathletes and time trial cyclists who are not bound by UCI rules. In this post we are having a look at three different bikes, but didn’t perform every test with each of them. Our tests will show positioning on the handlebars and your seat post/saddle with different bottles.

aeroTEST bottles

In the table you can see our testresults. For the time calculations we used aeroCAST and our calculations were made for Challenge Roth with 240w. After last weeks post we had some question regarding the riders, so here is some background info. Our testpersons on  the Focus Izalco Chrono Max and Trek Speedconcept were both males and of similar appearance (180-188 cm, 75-80 kg). On the Cannondale Slice we had a female (165 cm, 58 kg). We use Challenge Roth with 240w to have a similar baseline for comparing the times. Important are the time savings you can achieve. Because Riders were wearing different clothes and equipment the CdA values are difficult to compare.

All or tests showed that positioning a bottle behind the saddle had a positive effect on the aerodynamics. With the Focus and Cannondale we had little difference between using a standard or an aero bottle. However, we had some great benefits with some of our athletes by positioning the aero bottle in a perfect streamline. With the Focus and Cannondale we were not able to do this due to the saddle / seatpost position but the picture of Setup 3 on Trek shows how a huge time saving can be achieved. With Setup 4 and 5 we showed you an example of two bottles behind your saddle and the benefit we achieved by adding an aero bottle on the handlebars.

Here the pictures of our setups.

The results with your specific frame and the exact positioning on your bike can differ a little. Just go out and try some different combinations for your specific hydration requirements with our aeroTEST. With our subscription model you can test as much as you want to. Stay aero!!!!