Every strong team needs a strong leader. Therefore we would like to introduce our CEO Sebastian Schluricke to you.


Two sentences to your person – who are you?

Professionally, I am a trained engineer. Privately, I see myself as an ambitious sportsman in the field of triathlon. I often asked myself the question: How do I get faster? How can I improve my aerodynamics? Well, over the past few years, that’s how the idea for AEROTUNE has developed.

Triathlon and you- how did your passion for this sport develop?

I love sport. It does not matter which one! I have always been particularly fond of endurance sports. At the beginning, I only wanted to build up my endurance capacity and therefore started to cycle. There has been the Herrenkoog-Triathlon around the corner of my home. I’ve often been there before, mainly due to the great party at the end of the day. In 2003, I participated in a sprint team and from then on I just had to keep on going…

Swimmer – Cyclist – Runner – What kind of triathlon-type are you and for what reason?

Clearly, I’m a cyclist! It all began with cycling. Maybe that’s why? Or because I can use my strength quite well in cycling? Or maybe because there are lots of technical possibilities to get the best out of yourself? I’m not sure. What is certain is that cycling means freedom to me. Exploring the world by your own strength is great.

And how has your interest in aerodynamics developed?

In 2008, I bought my first power meter and quickly realized that aerodynamics are as important as power performance. Cycling is not just about improving your physical performance but also about improving aerodynamics.

Towards the end of the last year, the Aerotune GmbH was founded. For what reason did you take the step out of a private context into a professional one?

The idea of ​​measuring aerodynamics in a field test has certainly been an important milestone. It made clear to me that aerodynamic is not transparent in our sport. For a normal athlete, there is hardly any way to figure out what makes one really faster. Although, one could always buy the newest materials, which according to the manufacturer are surely even more aerodynamic, but to be able to test it for oneself – such a possibility was not given. That bothered me. After I had developed the field test and successfully tested it with friends and sports colleagues, I quickly realized, during a few conversations and exchange of ideas with Niels, that the time was right. Let’s do it!

How do you experience the first weeks and months after the company’s foundation?

There is a lot to do, let’s tackle it!

Where do you see the company at the end of the year?

The products are on the market and the “aero” education can begin.

Where do you want to be with the company in five years?

That’s a good question. Actually, I don’t think that far. Ask me again next year.