Today, we are looking at the aerodynamic setup decisions of Patrick Lange, Boris Stein und Ronnie Schildknecht regarding helmets, hydration systems and seating positions at the IRONMAN World Championship 2016 in Kona.


Patrick Lange Ironman

Patrick Lange
Patrick Lange used the MET Drone Widebody. This, as can be seen in the picture, closed perfectly with his upper body. The MET achieved at our aeroTESTs, as well as the POC Cerebel, mainly very good results. In addition to the integrated aerodynamic hydration system of the Canyon Speedmax, Patrick Lange used an aero bottle in the frame triangle. In most cases, this has a neutral effect on aerodynamics.


Boris Stein Ironman

Boris Stein
Boris Stein, also on a Canyon Speedmax, had the fastest bike split in 2016. His setup was very similar to that of Patrick Lange, though the Giro Aerohead was used. The Giro offers a very good field of vision with good ventilation and, as you can see clearly, closed perfectly with Patrick’s upper body.


Ronnie Schildknecht Ironman

Ronnie Schildknecht
Ronnie Schildknecht had in our calculation an aerodynamic value of 26.5 aeroPOINTs (CdA 0.265 m2). Ronnie used two aero bottles between the extensions and within the frame triangle. As mentioned in the case of Lionel Sanders, another aero bottle behind the saddle post could have brought another aerodynamic advantage; in 4 out of 5 cases. Like the Trek Speedconcept, the BMC Timemachine has an integrated aerobox at the rear of the frame. We have not yet had the chance to test such boxes and therefore cannot make a sound statement on their aerodynamic effect.


Athlete Pictures: © Herbert Krabel /