Last but not least, we are taking a look at equipment and seating position of Andreas Raelert, Sebastian Kienle und Jan Frodeno and look at their aerodynamic choices taken for the IRONMAN World Championship 2016.


Realert Ironman

Andreas Realert
Andreas Raelert, like Boris Stein, used the Giro Aerohead. The helmet did not quite close with his upper body. At his Cube bike, two bottle cages were attached to the saddle post, which disappeared on both sides of the post in the aerodynamic shadow of his legs.


Kienle Ironman    Sebastian Kienle

Sebastian Kienle
Sebastian Kienle is known as an aerodynamic enthusiast. Sebastian, like Ben Hoffmann, chose an aerodynamic road bike helmet for a good combination of aerodynamics and ventilation. At his Scott, the aerodynamic integration of the front aero bottle is easily seen. Sebastian used a double bottle cage behind the saddle (difficult to see in the picture). The bottles protruded slightly over the saddle. In 4 out of 5 of our aeroTESTs, we have found that a positioning of the bottles underneath the saddle or more horizontally result in an improved CdA value. Particularly noteworthy is that Sebastian had positioned his arms closely together and his head completely closed the space to the chest. This allowed the upcoming air to be steered around his body, which has been of advantage in all our tests.


Jan Frodeno Ironman

Jan Frodeno
As in the case of Patrick Lange and Boris Stein, Jan Frodeno used an aero bottle within the frame triangle. Together with Jan, Canyon had carried out many aerodynamic tests in the wind tunnel during the development of the bike setup. The front aero bottle is a few centimeters longer compared to the other two Speedmax riders (Lange, Stein). A very good connection of the helmet with Jan’s upper body is recognizable. Not long ago, Jan has posted a comparison of his seating position and its changes during the last season at Facebook. Interestingly, as can be seen, he is positioned much more horizontal today. This will have reduced his effective frontal area and CdA value.


Athlete Pictures: © Herbert Krabel /