One of the big advantages of deep section wheels is the sailing effect, meaning the wind resistance minimization which is a result when your wheels are touched by side wind. Even though if wheels might only differ minimal under neutral wind conditions the sailing effect can easily result into a 65% advantage. The most important thing is to maximise the sailing effect without loosing your riding stability, which could result in neutralizing all aerodynamic benefits you have worked on. Ironman World Championships are a very good example where the weather conditions have a great influence on the performance. To have a look at this effect we tested four front wheels in combination with a disc wheel under close to none wind and 12 km/h side wind conditions. While the tested wheels performed pretty close within 10 Watts under no one wind the result with the side wind was a double at 20 Watts.

Looking at the table you can see the results we achieved with the wheels we tested (see the pictures below).

A side note at this spot, the wheels tested by us where all good wheels. So go out an test yourself with our free aeroTEST, become part of the #aerocommunity and be #afasteryou.