This week, Sebastian and Niels took a trip to Denmark. They met Michael Krüger, for many years successful coach of the Danish National Team in Triathlon, and one of the most successful triathlon coaches in the world, and Jordan Rapp, American Duathlet and Triathlet, several Ironman winner and world champions on the Triathlon Long Distance. Michael and Jordan wanted to try out the aeroTEST. On Thursday, they all met on the decommissioned airport in Værløse near Copenhagen.

Michael and Jordan are both experienced athletes and are familiar with the aerodynamics of cycling. Both were already several times on the cycle track and in the wind tunnel and they know about their cda- values very well. This was apparent by the type of questions, which were asked about the test method and the overall understanding of it. In order to test the validity of the test results, Michael tested various setups in different order – he was delighted that the results of the same setups always delivered the same cda values. Through this, Michael was convinced by the reliability of the measurement method.

After a short time, the actual measuring method and the algorithm were no longer discussed, but instead the results of the measurement. We are very pleased that Michael and Jordan have accepted the aeroTEST so well. We would like to thank Michael and Jordan for the highly exciting day, with interesting results, newest innovative equipment and a great and optimal test location.

We look forward to making more professionals as well as amateurs faster.