Tim Jäger has won the first prize at our Ostseeman draw. On Wednesday, he came by to make use of his prize in form of an aeroTEST Day. He ran a total of 19 tests on our test track in Sofiedal, DK. At the end, he was quite exhausted but also very satisfied. As Tim has a visual impairment, the special challenge was to keep the watt numbers constant as he could read the display screen only with difficulty.

Tim’s test focus was on his existing equipment. Initially, we recorded his standard setup and looked at the aerodynamic effects of his existing drinking system. We removed unnecessary ballast from his Giant Trinity. Afterwards we tested and compared various helmets, suits and two rear wheel sets. At last, we took a look at the effects of an aerosuit. Overall, we were able to work out a time saving of 20 minutes, calculated on the bike course of the Ostseeman Glücksburg.

We would like to thank Tim for this interesting and exciting afternoon.