In the next couple of weeks we will be showing you some possibilities on how to easily improve your wind resistance. Today we are looking at different angles for your aerobars or extensions. For this we took a random setup for a TT bike and just adjusted the angle of the aerobars to five different angles. We used -10 degrees, 0 degrees, +2 degrees, +10 degrees and +40 degrees. By using our aeroTEST we did two runs of each setup showing the mean CdA value in aeroPOINTS for each Setup.

These were our findings with one testperson in aeroPOINTS and timesavings on 180km.


Setup 1 (-10) Setup 2 (0) Setup 3 (+2) Setup 4 (+10) Setup 5 (+40)
24.8 aeroPOINTS 23 aeroPOINTS 24 aeroPOINTS 23.8 aeroPOINTS 24.6 aeroPOINTS
6 min 26 sec 2 min 52 sec 3 min 36 sec 43 sec


Also shown graphically here.

Below you can see the pictures of each setup.

What we found to be very interesting is that what we expected to be the most aerodynamic position (+40) degrees came out to be the second slowest setup. We think that this is given to the fact that we did not change anything other than the angle. Therefore the interesting question is, if this position gets faster if the body position is adjusted as well. In this position a sole changing the angle was not beneficial. Additionally we found that the level of comfortness equaled the speed, more comfort = faster cycling. Aerodynamics is something very individual, so you have to try and see what is fastest for you. Your investment on this, our aeroTEST. Now it’s your turn, go out and test.