How does the aeroTEST work?

Before the aeroTEST you have to write down the weight of your entire system, consisting of your bike and you. You can use our test protocol.

Afterwards, you have two options:
1. You use the aeroAPP to be automatically lead through the test procedure.
2. You run the test manually and upload the data manually to the aeroDATA.

The actual test ride takes place as follows:

You speed up on your planned power performance (watts). Your power MUST remain the same for all aeroTESTs performed within one day. You ride at constant power (watt) and same seating position (outbound trip). At the end of the test track, you stop pedaling, turn around and accelerate to the same power as before. On the inbound trip, you ride with the same power performance and in the same seating position as before.

Now, you have created an aeroTEST file on your GPS device, which we can evaluate for you. For a new test, simply repeat the process.