Only a few weeks ago Hanna Winckler showed a strong performance at the German Road Championships in TT. Today, we can congratulate her on her outstanding performance at yesterday’s Ostseeman 113 in Damp. She laid the foundation for a clear win with the fastest cycling time of all women (02:11:51) in the triathlon half distance that took place for the first time in North Germany.

In order to achieve fast cycling times, beside a good athlete and a matching bike setup, the right choice of clothes is important, too. We’ve asked Hanna for a short feedback on her competition clothing and prior co-operation with our Aerotune team:


Aerotune – the novel solution for a fast outfit

Triathletes will know what I’m talking about: the fast long sleeve trisuit is interfering at the arm during the swim. Fast for cycling and at the same time disturbing while swimming, this is precisely because the suit fits as tight as possible and thus brings tension on the shoulder. Therefore, most athletes will only pull up the suit half-way and try to place the top part within the neo; hoping that putting on the wet skintight top part will not become a disaster in transition 1.

My Bioracer suit is damn tight and additional black. As I already knew it would be warm during my half distance in Damp, I needed a better solution than the one described so far. A cooler, more practical and at the same time just as fast solution. I found it thanks to Aerotune. We have tested and tested and the perfect solution for me was the following:


League suit without arm (Skinfit) + Castelli T1 Stealth Top T1 (white, very tight)

Swim: As there is no pulling down from the lower part, you can easily swim with the Castelli top without any problems. I slightly opened the zipper for a free neck area.

Bike: The described combination achieved in our tests same aerodynamic values as the Bioracer. Accordingly, I wasn’t slowed down by the “two-piece”.

Running: Before running, I took off the Castelli top and could run easily in the heat.


The remaining setup for cycling with an aero bottle in the frame and a spare bottle behind the saddle, as well as the Zipp NSW wheels with Specialized Turbo Cotton tyres, have been selected as the best compromise between handling and aerodynamics. A disc would have been even faster, but for me personally too unsafe in case of a flat tire. Therefore, the aeroboss, after a short time of protest, gave his OK for driving without a disc.

Thanks to the Aerotune team for finding this perfect and original solution for me; a solution I have not seen so far. Thanks to your help, I won at the Ostseeman Damp in 4:13:36, my first middle distance.


Our thanks to Hanna for sharing your experience with us.


Female winner of Ostseeman 113