In the last part of our helmet test series we would like to show you the difference between an Aerohelmet and a standard Roadhelmet by using the Lazer Wasp, Casco Speedster and POC Octal. Since last weekend Jan Frodeno and Lionel Sanders raced at Ironman 70.3 Oceanside, we wanted to find out how Lionel’s Helmet, the Garneau P-09, performs aerodynamically.


The table shows you, that compared to the Lazer Wasp all helmets we took a look at were slower. Our test persons were the same as in the last two weeks,  male, 188cm, 73kg (testperson 1) and female, 165cm 58kg (testperson 2). Unfortunately the Garneau we got issued for testing only fitted Testperson 1. Additionally we wanted to have a comparison of a very economic Roadhelmet, so we went out and bought the cheapest helmet we could find. The Ekoi Ardechoise (app. 30$) was very uncomfortable, but being tested for aerodynamics performed pretty decent in comparison. Below the pictures of this weeks helmets.

Have fun testing and stay aero!!!