Aero helmet or not? That’s today’s big question. The answer is, you’ll have to go out and try it yourself. Why, because in my case it wasn’t what I expected. So that’s the bottom line and now I’ll explain. 

I tested two similar helmets, the POC Octal and the POC Octal Aero. There seems only one difference between these two models and that is that the aero model has a thin cover over the helmet, so I thought this might be a good comparison. One would think that the aero helmet would make one faster… Personally from wearing the helmets I did not feel any difference and according to the SHAPE they should be pretty much equal or a slight advantage for the aero model.

When I tested the two helmets however the aero model cost me about 10 Watts. Looking at the numbers it was hard to believe and I thought I might have done something with my position but looking at the data with the Team from Aerotune the numbers and measurement errors are pretty stable.

Here’s the link to my test.

So my recommendation, go out and try it before you buy it.

Stay aero and be part of the #aeroCOMMUNITY.