After looking at storing hydration in standard bottles last week my goal for this week was if I can find a possibility to transport these essential things a little more time efficient. For testing this I substituted the standard 750ml/1000ml bottles I used in Blog 5 with Elite Crono Aero bottles. One disadvantage I found with these is that they only hold app. 600ml, which is in the maximum case of 2 bottles at least 300ml less than with standard bottles. Another disadvantage is, that if I would be racing at a race were you can exchange bottles, there will be no bottles which will fit into the bottle cages of the Elite bottles.

But enough of disadvantages. Let’s have a look at this from the aerodynamic point of view.

I tested for different possibilities. No bottles, one on the down tube, one on the seat tube and one on each. These were my Setups and the power needed for riding at 35 km/h.

Setup 1: No bottles; Power 202 Watts
Setup 2: 1 aero bottle on the down tube; Power 207 Watts
Setup 3: 1 aero bottle on the down and seat tube; Power 212 Watts
Setup 4: 1 aero bottle on the seat tube; Power 204 Watts

The trend is pretty much the same as I received with the standard bottles, meaning that one bottle on the seat tube was the optimal setup. Interestingly here, two of the elite bottles are comparably to one 1000ml bottle from the power difference to no bottles and two aero bottles are a saving roughly 15 Watts in comparison to two standard bottles.

Pictures and the data to my test can be found under the link.

By conducting these test I thought about some combinations of my first two test, so next week I will take a look at this and after that I will close the subject bottles.

Stay aero and be part of the #aeroCOMMUNITY.