Hydration and nutrition are one of the most important things and messing that up will ruin your day. So you can’t leave home without it. Interestingly the way you transport it can make out some difference in time or does it really matter. In the next three posts I will take a closer look into how to transport my hydration by testing different bottles and bottle positions.

In this first part I tested normal round standard bottles. Alone on this setup I was able to save 27 watts between the best position and the worst. This seems a lot, but taking it away the difference was also in taking two bottles and only one. But I also found an alternative.

These were my setups and the power needed to maintain 35km/h on my selected race course.

Setup 1: No bottles (the reference); Power 214 watts
Setup 2: 1 Standard bottle mounted on the Down Tube; Power 220 watts
Setup 3: 1 1000ml bottle mounted on the Down Tube; Power 222 watts
Setup 4: 2 Standard bottles mounted on the Seat Tube and Down Tube; Power 239 watts
Setup 5: 1 Standard bottle mounted on the Seat Tube; Power 212 watts

So what are the takeaways today? Just taking one bottle does not costs extra time, or minimal more power. I think Setup 1, 2, 3, and 5 are pretty close together and in the measurement error area, with some slight advantages for Setup 5. A 1000ml bottle will not cost more time, but gives you some extra fluid. If you know, that you’ll won’t be needing two complete bottles, but more than one, than take a large one, because you can save some energy and you’ll be faster.

Here’s the link and the pictures to my test.

Next week I will be repeating this with some aero bottles, so stay tuned to see the difference.

Stay aero and be part of the #aeroCOMMUNITY.