This week I want to take a look at some additional alternatives on my handlebar positions. Watching some of the Gravel Races and Draft-Legal Triathlon Races I wanted to find out what benefit you can achieve with aerobars, installing them Draft-Legal of course. Watching the first road races of the season also gave me the idea to take a look in just laying your elbows on the bars. So I went out testing the following to cure my curiosity.

Setup 1: Arms Bend, Hands on the Dropbars
Setup 2: Arms flat on top of the Handlebars
Setup 3: Draft-Legal Aerobars (straight)
Setup 4: Draft-Legal Aerobars (Mantis position)

There was no significant difference between the first two Setups so I would assess that if it is save laying your arms on the handlebars at least doesn’t cost any time and might help you relax. Adding some aerobars gave me a six watt advantage in regards to the dropbar position. Interestingly bringing the aerobars to the “Mantis-Position”, meaning installing the bars at a very steep angle resulted in a 20 watt saving at 35km/h. I tried to keep the position Draft-Legal but not having the aerobars extend over my STI levers. Even though I haven’t seen something like this somewhere, ┬áit gave me a longer surface area for my elbows and I wanted to see what happens.

Here is the link to my test.

Link tests

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