My test today didn’t work as good as I expected. I wanted to test two different stem positions and two different stems. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my alternate stem on my bike, which was poor preparation on my side, but shows the reality, that sometimes things don’t work the way as planned and you have to go with the situation as it evolves. Therefore I only tested my stem at the standard position and 20mm lower.

Even though this was a minimal change I still saved 7 watts by lowering my stem and therefore my entire body position. This was just a quick test, and it probably would have been also interesting to play with different stem lengths, but that also effects the biomechanics a lot more and should be done in dialogue with a bikefitter. Maybe therefore it was meant to be that I couldn’t test that today.

The 20mm change in height was OK for the test length, but I think my body would need some milage to adapt to this position (and some more time with my Yoga teacher).

Here’s the link and pictures to my test.

So stay aero and be part of the #aeroCOMMUNITY.