This will be my final post. The series has been supported by John Wilmeth from Cantu Cycling Wheels and I just wanted to give him some appreciation and gratitude for providing the wheelsets for this series.

The aim of this post was to find out if higher rim is always faster or if it does not always apply. Remember I am a female athlete so I am not bringing as much weight on the bike as a male athlete would do.

I tested a 25mm and a 50mm set of Cantu Cycling Wheels. Looking at the Wheels from a riding perspective, both rolled very smooth, but I felt a little more comfortable on the 25mm Wheels. I would have thought that there would be a larger difference between the two sets, but testing them there was a difference of two Watts.

You can see my test on the aeroDATA platform following the link below.

And here’s a link to Cantu Cycling Wheels.

Thank you John for supporting and thank you for following.

Stay aero and be part of the #aeroCOMMUNITY.