In today’s Kona blog we finally take a look at the female pro athletes. Unfortunately, we missed the chance to do this a bit more often in the last few articles. Similar to the men’s race, everyone looks at one person: Daniela Ryf. She has pretty much dominated the sport and the IRONMAN World Championship in the last two years. Looking at the favorites of the international media, she’s the odds-on favorite with women like Rachel Joyce, Sarah Crowley, Kaisa Sali, Heather Jackson and Lucy Charles chasing her. However, we think the international favorites are often missing one important name, Anja Beranek.

Perhaps it is due to the fact that some of these analysts only look at the big races and the first half-year didn’t go as planned for Anja. Her result at the Ironman European Championship brought her ticket to Kona, but was, due to some health issues, everything else than satisfying for her. If we take a step back in time to last year’s race, Anja had a similar year and still, at the 2016 Ironman World Championship, she was the only one that was on one level with Daniela up until T2.

Like Jan Frodeno, Anja invested a lot of time into optimizing her aerodynamics and we blogged about our work with Anja already in September. Anja’s entire Kona race will benefit from her investment. Her performance at the Strandräuber IRONMAN 70.3 Rügen should be taken as a reference. Quoting Jan Frodeno, another athlete of her coach Dan Lorang “Preparation is more important, than a good race in the summer!” On the other hand, it might be good that she has been under the radar so far and has slipped through one or the others analysts. Perhaps this is given to her low seating position on the bike. Sorry Daniela, but we think Anja won’t make it too easy for you this year. #projektkranz has good chances to be realized.

Athlete Picture 1: © Aerotune
Athlete Picture 2: © Herbert Krabel /
Athlete Picture 3: © Frank Wechsel / Daniel Eilers / Spomedis GmbH