Today we take a look at some more of the female pro athletes of Kona.


Pictures can be found here.


Rachel Joyce, Cervelo P5: Rachel used the Giro Aerohead. Her head position was very high, which has a large impact on the wind resistance. She used a standard bottle in her frame for hydration. Substituting this with an aero bottle and additionally using a flexible straw in her front aero bottle could have saved a couple of watts.


Annabel Luxford, Scott Plasma: For better cooling and ventilation, Annabel’s choice was a road helmet. Her head position could have been a little lower. We found that she had stored nutrition in her back pockets, which could have been placed better. Using aero bottles in the frame triangle is aerodynamically of higher advantage according to our tests.


Laura Sidall, Ceepo Viper R: Laura chose a road helmet, too. You can see her high head position in the pictures. In addition to the aerobox within her frame, she added another box in the bottle holder at her saddle. Inside her frame she used two standard bottles. Substituting the second gearbox at her saddle with a bottle, using an aero bottle inside her frame and a flexible straw would have further optimized her aerodynamics.


Carrie Lester, Orbea Ordu: Like many other female pros, Carrie chose the lightweight Rudy Project Wing 57, but opted against the visor. According to our experience a lower head position, to align the helmet with the upper body, is of advantage.


Lucy Charles, Specialized Shiv: Lucy raced an incredible World Championship at her first start as a pro and it was delighting to watch her. However Lucy, if you read this: a lower head position to better integrate your aero helmet with your upper body could have even increased your performance. The positioning of the bottle was a little high.


Astried Stienen, Cervelo P5: Astrid used a short Giro aero helmet. Her head position for this helmet was ok, but could have been even lower. Despite of the large aero bottle in her cockpit, she was carrying three additional bottles. The two bottles behind her saddle could have been lower and by substituting the standard with an aero bottle in her frame triangle could have saved a couple of watts.


Alexandra Tondeur, Ridley Dean Fast: Alexandra used the combination of a sleeveless trisuit and the Lazer Wasp. Her head position was a little high which resulted in the Lazer Wasp not completely connecting to her upper body. There is an add-on tail for the Lazer Wasp, which perfectly rests on your back. She also decided against aero bottles in her frame.


Camilla Pedersen, Canyon Speedmax: Camilla used the POC Cerebel with which we have received good results regardless of the head position.


Asa Lindstroem, Orbea Ordu:  Asa used a Kask aero helmet with no visor. By using our aeroTEST you can self evaluate the difference by using a visor or standard glasses and the influence different head position have. In case of Asa and based on our experience, we would have recommended a lower position.


Maja Stage Nielsen, Cervelo P5: Maja used the Met Drone Wide Body, but opted against the visor. Her position is good, but her head could have even been lower. Maja also used the Aero Pouch, which we have tested only once, but with a good time advantage.


Mareen Hufe, Rose Aero Flyer: Mareen’s position looks good. She used an aero helmet from Kask with visor. We noticed was the high position of her GPS.


Lauren Brandon, Ventum: The Giro Aerohead looks good on Lauren. She opted for a sleeveless trisuit and used a second bottle in her cockpit in addition to the integrated tank of the Ventum.


Alicia Kaye, Specialized Shiv: Alicia decided for better cooling and ventilation by using a road helmet. Her rear bottles were a little high and in addition to her integrated bottle Alicia installed an aero bottle between her aerobars. A flexible straw could have further optimized this smart move. We noticed additional material below her saddle, which could have been stored in the integrated box.


Celine Schaerer, Cube Aerium C-68: Celine used a road helmet from Kask for better cooling. We think she had a good position that could have been improved by a lower head. She used an aero bottle inside her frame and a standard bottle at her aerobars.


Jocelyn McCauley, Quintana Roo PRSix: Jocelyn used the Kask Bambino with no visor. Her head position could have been lower and she could have substituted the standard bottles with aero bottles. A flexible straw in the front bottle would have further optimized her position.


Haley Chura, Quintana Roo PR5: Haley chose an aero helmet with no visor and a sleeveless trisuit. An aero bottle inside her frame could have been an advantage for her.


Nikki Bartlett, Cervelo P5: Nikki used a Kask road helmet. Her head position was slightly high. She also decided to use the Aero Pouch and standard bottles inside her frame triangle. Soon, we will blog about different bottle positions.