Last weekend, one of our local aeroTESTers showed an outstanding performance at the Ostseeman Triathlon in Gl├╝cksburg. Finn Johansen came in as the fourth fastest single starter on the challenging routes of the Nordic long distance triathlon with a total time of 09:07:58.

Finn came to us several times and used our aeroTEST to improve his aerodynamics. Over time, he has saved about 17 minutes on the 180km bike course. At last, we made a forecast of 04:47:21 with our aeroCAST. Finn was able to show his peak form on the competition day. He achieved the second fastest bikesplit of all individual starters with a time of 04:37:57. As Finn hasn’t used a powermeter in the competition, we can’t say what his watt numbers were. In the forecast, we’ve assumed a power performance of 220 watts. Due to the fast time, we are sure that his real watt numbers are much higher.

We congratulate Finn on this great success, thank him for the cooperation and the confidence he placed in us and are looking forward to his next competitions and further winnings.