This week, we met with Finn and Udo to undertake some aeroTESTs. The two want to improve their bike splits and are looking for ways to reduce their wind resistance (cda). By comparing the results and values of the aeroTEST, it helps you to choose a set-up of seating position and used equipment that works well for you individually. In the tests carried out, Udo and Finn compared different wheels, aero helmets and triathlon suits. Even small changes, e.g. positioning of water bottles, have led to significant changes in aerodynamic values. At the end of the day, Finn’s best set-up showed an improvement of 16 minutes on the Ostseeman race course at a power of 220 watts – see the test results of test 2 of the evaluation sheet.

We hope, Udo and Finn, that you enjoyed the test day and we’re looking forward to finding further optimization potential with you.

Our blog readers can already look forward to next week – then we will take a closer look at our aeroTEST evaluation sheet and explain it in detail to you.

Until then: enjoy your training.

If you have questions or want to be aerodynamically optimized – feel free to contact us.