During my two weeks at triathlon training camp on Fuerteventura, I had plenty of opportunities to try out different things. Since I travelled with experienced people, they sometimes stopped or reprimanded me, I have been laughed at and sometimes even praised. OK, it was not that dramatic.

Some of the highlights were the various interviews and talks with professional athletes and coaches. Last year I tried to copy a lot and did not dare ask questions because I’m far from “good”. This time, everything was different. Through the interviews and talks with Thomas Hellriegel and Anja Beranek about topics such as triathlon, IronMan and aerodynamics, I asked myself: Why not just take tips from the pros, for me as an absolute beginner, and try them out as a self-experiment.

One thing, however, should not play a role: the hairiness of my legs. Ok, every child knows it and every cyclist looks down on you if warming hair decorates your legs – I know, I know. And it is strategically unfavorable during the first interview with the fastest German IronWoman while asking for aerodynamic tips.

This is Anja Beranek’s tip for me:
“If you want to be a real triathlete, the hair must go.”

After long bargaining, the prospect of a bike ride with her and Thomas Hellriegel was the decisive argument. So we organized a small ceremony to say good-bye to this male splendor with a last leg-hair-selfie. Zack…the transformation to a triathlet did not even hurt. Now we can all feel 10 watt faster!

I added the aeroTEST to my to-do-list to validate the hairy-legs-thesis in an self-experiment.

Smooth greetings, Sebastian.