In the following three weeks we will take a closer look at helmets. We have tested a couple of different shaped helmets to show you the significant influence this Cycling and Triathlon uttermost necessary equipment has. In the following table below you can see the first four tested aerohelmets from Lazer, Rudy Project, POC and Bell.


The Bell helmet shows perfectly how individually the helmet performs to the position and statue of the rider. While the Bell Javelin was the fastest Option with our first testperson (Male, 188cm, 73kg) it was with a large difference the slowest option for our second testperson (Female, 165cm 58kg). You can see, that aerodynamics is always something very individual and has to be tested in that way. If you take a look you can also see that there are some models which perform equally well among testpersons, which we have been observing in our aeroTESTs. If you have the possibility to test different models this will always be of a large benefit for you.

Below the pictures of this weeks helmets.

Next week we will take a look at another three models. Have fun testing and stay aero!!