After we already introduced our test results from last week we will show you the next three models we tested. We took a look at the brands Kask, MET and Giro and our experience with them.


Looking at this week’s table you can see a similar scheme as last week. The Kask Mistral is another good example to proof the different influences the position and statue of the rider has on the aerodynamic performance of the helmet and entire system. While the Kask was very fast with our first testperson (Male, 188cm, 73kg) it was the slowest option for our second testperson (Female, 165cm 58kg). The Giro Aerohead showed the exact opposite and the MET Drone Wide Body performed pretty good for both. You can see, that aerodynamics is always something very individual and has to be tested in that way. Below the pictures of this weeks helmets.

Next week we will take a look at the final three models. Have fun testing and stay aero!!!