Earlier this month, we did some testing with Czech cyclist Denisa Bartizalova on her Bianchi road bike. Denisa is a former Czech Mountainbike Champion and has also been performing extremely well in road cycling events in Italy. This summer, she started in the field of triathlon but her strength remains in cycling. With Denisa we worked on different road bike positions and a draft race legal triathlon position.


Roadbike Position-1
Roadbike Position-2

While in picture 1 and 2 there was not much difference in CdA savings, position 3 started reducing her CdA value by 4 aeroPOINTS (0,04 m2). However, by repeating position 2 and 3 with bend arms the difference in drag became more significant and resulted in 10 aeroPOINTS (0,10 m2) of savings, roughly 4 minutes on 20 km (position 4 and 5).


Roadbike Position-3


While these positions were mainly for her bike performance, it also had added value to her triathlon knowledge. The time savings of 4 minutes on a medio fondo distance between position 4 and 5 have to be considered in the sustainability and also in the tactical situation of the race.


Roadbike Position-4
Roadbike Position-5

We also tested with ITU legal aerobars finding that the best position for her is with horizontal aerobars. Pending on the course this setup is favorable for Denisa in a situation where she would have to catch up to the group. She can take this knowledge now into account by analysing her competitors and the race course. Our tool aeroCAST is very helpful in this context.

With the knowledge she received during our testing time, she can adjust her position to the current situation of the race and use it for her advantage, also knowing the additional power watts she can push.