Today we will be going back to field by trying to verify the improvements made in last week’s blog by using our aeroTEST. As mentioned we worked on my head position and did some alternations to my cockpit position and adjustment to my seating position. Now, we will use the aeroTEST to find out where we are. Therefore we will go out to our test route and perform the aeroTEST with the identical setup as the last time. In the graph below you can see the initial aerodynamic result of my 2017 Challenge Roth position. Calculations with aeroCAST and the aeroTEST both resulted in 0,27m² (27 aeroPOINTS).

Time advantage
cda diagramm

So recalling the test procedure as shown in the graphic we will see what the improvements to my aerodynamics will result to.

Since in my example I did not perform the two aeroTEST at the same day, I performed both, the old position and the new position in this aeroTEST, however conducting less test runs. As you can see in the graph below, the old position came pretty much to the same result as in the previous test, with a slightly better value since there were some modifications to my cockpit. This confirms the data we received. By going into a more active time trial position with the modifications made brought an immediate improvement of 2.6 aeroPOINTS or a time saving of over 8 minutes.


So now we know that in my example I can be faster by adjusting my aeroposition. However, I was able to do this on a two times one km test. Now, the real work starts for me, since we received this improvement by adjusting my position the future work for me is to make this position the new baseline, meaning giving this a natural feel so I will be able to hold this for the entire duration of the race without tiring. To achieve this in my case I will be investing time in cycling in this position, time for stretching and time for strengthening the muscles needed to hold this position. This will be the goal for the next three months in the winter so that when the spring season starts I will be on my TT Bike with a new baseline.

So far we have talked about body position. In the next couple of weeks we will be taking different parts of a bicycle setup apart to show you, how they influence your aerodynamics. But before we get to that, we will show you in the final step of our aeroCAST blog series, on how you can use aeroCAST and the new baseline CdA to prepare yourself for your next races.