Today, we want to introduce Aerotune Co-founder Niels Schuldt to you.


Two sentences to your person – who are you?

On my twitter profile, I’ve described myself as a “clear-thinking, exercise physiology ninja” 🙂  I am enthusiastic about innovative and disruptive technologies and like to combine this interest with my high interest in sports, especially endurance sports. It’s my passion to look at all areas of daily life and all aspects of your physicals condition with the goal to get the best out of yourself through various optimizations.

Triathlon and you – how did your passion for this sport develop?

I’ve always been a sporty person. During my childhood and early youth, I have been doing competitive swimming. At some point, I did a triathlon – just for fun – and afterwards I just continued doing it. For a long time, I started for the Danish national squad where I gained a lot of experience – experience that is still valuable for me today. At the age of 18, I raced my first Ironman – oh, what a day…
Nowadays, sport is an integral part of my life. Surely, how intensively you can practice your sport is always connected to the fact how much time is consumed by other areas of life, by your profession etc. But not doing sports at all, that wouldn’t be me. To go on long bike rides during the weekend – that brings me down to earth and helps me to relax.

Swimmer – Cyclist – Runner – What kind of triathlon-type are you and for what reason?

I think I’m a good mix of all three. Of course, I cannot keep up with today’s performance swimmers, but it works out well for me in the field of the triathletes. My greatest passion is clearly the cycling part of triathlon. The connection of man and “machine”, the technical aspect – concerning both the choice of equipment and the driving technique – aerodynamical questions … all this appeals to me. I am always interested in the latest technical gimmicks, providing they make me faster. Thanks to Sebastian and Aerotune, I have finally found a way to validated comparisons and tests in the area of cycling.

And how has your interest in aerodynamics developed?

As mentioned, I have a very high technical interest. It always annoyed me that I had almost no chance to test material regarding their aerodynamic values, except for going on a cycle track. I had to rely on the manufacturer’s information. When Sebastian first told me about his ideas, I was absolutely thrilled. I couldn’t wait to test it. It was exciting to find out about the aerodynamic effects of my material or my seating position. Its much better to test something yourself, than just reading about it.

Towards the end of 2016, Aerotune was founded. What induced you to do that – together with Sebastian?

I’ve known Sebastian for many years and appreciate him as a friend and sports partner. I have always known that we would be working well together professionally, too. We are a good team. Sebastian is the technical brain; my part is the world of business and digitalization. Sebastian is very reliable. I think these things are a good basis for a professional co-operation.

How do you experience the first weeks and months after the company’s foundation?

Too slow 😉 As far as I’m concerned, I would like to be on the market already – preferably nationally and internationally. But I am aware of the fact that good things sometimes take some time. Its often the little things which clinch the success.

Where do you see the company at the end of the year?

Towards the end of the year, I would like people in the field of triathlon to know Aerotune. I hope that at least most German triathletes connect our brand with aerodynamics in cycling. If you ask them about ways to optimize their individual aerodynamic, they should think of us first of all.

Where do you want to be with the company in five years?

In five years, I would be happy if we’ll have developed into a well-established company that stands for high quality and innovative ideas. I hope that our customers relate to us, not as a business company, but as their aerodynamic partner.