After taking a closer look at helmets as part of our #afasteryou series we will shift towards suits and will be taking a closer look at these in the next part of our posts. This week we took a look at different models with sleeves in the price range of 100 to 400$.


The common opinion is that if a suit is fast with one athlete it will be fast with every athlete. The results of our test can only partially support these thesis. We were able to find a tendency with the suits we tested with our aeroTEST, however we cannot support the general statement.


Looking at our table and taking the Ryzon and the Humanspeed as an example, we found that longsleeved suits are slower than shortsleeved suits with our first testperson (male, 188cm, 73kg). With our female testperson (168 cm, 58kg) however the Humanspeed longsleeved suit performed better than the fastest shortsleeve suit. Our take away: yes, there are definitely fast suits, but as every part in a Setup this is individual and should be tested that way.


Below the pictures of the suits we tested the brands Dare2Tri, No Pinz, SL2, Ryzon, Bioracer and Humanspeed.

Have fun testing and stay aero!!!