Our developers work day and night to optimize the aeroDATA even further for you. Below, we would like to inform you about some of the newest features and their advantages. They will make you even faster and your experience on the platform even better.

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multiple test upload
demo aerotest
testroute map

Upload of multiple tests in one file

You can now upload multiple tests in one FIT file.

The platform automatically recognizes the individual tests within this one FIT file and displays them separately.

Demo aeroTEST is shown

Your athlete account now lists an aeroTEST for demonstration reason.

You can see how the test procedure is to be carried out and how it can be optimally set up.

Take a look.

Overview map of all test tracks

We have created this overview map for you, so that you can easily find out where validated test tracks already exist.

Take a look.

We are tirelessly committed to creating the best platform for aerodynamic measurements and optimizations. If you have questions, wishes or suggestions on how we could improve something, feel free to contact us. We appreciate feedback.