Ostseeman 2018 – you may have taken part in our racesuit quiz or are following its progress and are probably already looking forward to the resolution of the measuring results.

Our test athlete has previously tested four race suits and the quiz was about putting them in the correct order for the lowest CdA value. The leading question:

Which suit is fastest for our test athlete on the 180km of the Ostseeman Glücksburg?

The following suits have been tested:

Maloja Bike Race Body
Bioracer Speedwear Concept
Ryzon Myth
Zoot Ultra Tri Aero Suit

race suits

And the fastest is??? A suit that does not look like speed at first glance: the Maloja Bike Race Body. With a CdA of 0.234 m2, it is clearly ahead of the other suits.

Maloja Bike Race Body > 23,4 aeroPOINTs (CdA 0,234 m2)
Zoot Ultra Tri Aero Suit > 24,2 aeroPOINTs (CdA 0,242 m2)
Ryzon Myth > 24,6 aeroPOINTs (CdA 0,246 m2)
Bioracer Speedwear Concept > 24,8 aeroPOINTs (CdA 0,248 m2)

Look at the test measurement results directly in the aeroDATA itself, you will see that the tests were run with very constant power watts, have a low statistical measurement error and are thus valid. In the last setup, our athlete changed again to the Maloja suit and tested a change of the hand position.

In the meantime, we have adjusted the aeroCAST data to the values actually given last Sunday (170 watts, 19 °C, wind 22 km/h). The aeroCAST calculates your bike split for your competition track based on your measured CdA value and power, weight and weather data. It therefore gives you a time value for the value of the CdA, which is given in three decimal places.

Based on that, our test athlete was given a bike split prediction of 5:27:27. Of course, a hand position, especially on this hilly course, can not be kept constant over 180km. Nevertheless, or maybe because of that, the actual time of 05:28:29 is pretty much ‘spot on’. This gives us a difference of 6:35 min between the fastest and the slowest suit.

This case study shows once again how individual the topic of aerodynamics is. In this area, no general statements can be made and also logic or own feelings may often deceive an athlete. Therefore, it shows: you have to TEST – TEST – TEST and find out for yourself, where precious watts or kmh are hidden. No suit is overall aerodynamically good or bad, fast or slow, as this is always dependent on the overall system. We would like to point out again explicitly: the results do NOT state that suit X is always faster or slower than suit Y – the comparison will probably lead to completely different results for you personally.

Did you put a suit in the right position in the quiz? Then we will get in touch with you in the next days and send you your EUR 5 voucher per correct hit; enabling you to also develop your speed even more.